Dental Fillings in El Cajon, CA

Do your teeth have embarrassing chips or discolored areas? If so, you may be a candidate for dental fillings. Contrary to popular belief, fillings are for more than just cavities. Dental fillings are one of the fastest, most noninvasive ways to a new and improved smile. Medical innovation has paved the way for sleeker, smoother filling materials that naturally and effortlessly bond with your natural teeth.

We Perform Quality Dental Work

If you have a mouth full of old fashioned silver amalgam fillings, you know the frustration of posing for that perfect picture only to end up feeling embarrassed of the sliver in your smile. You may even have teeth that have suffered discoloration from such fillings. Fortunately, the situation is easy to remedy with new dental fillings.
Dental Equipment — Teeth Whitening in El Cajon, CA
Once one of our friendly staff members thoroughly cleans your teeth, Dr. Gassman will ensure that any decay is removed before mixing a custom designed shade of composite resin to fill in any imperfections or cavities and restore a smooth, lustrous surface.
Our office has always been staffed with carefully selected and thoroughly trained professionals. Throughout the entire process, our patient and caring team will ensure you receive the finest dental care available. We maintain a low-stress environment and your comfort is one of our main goals.
Since Dr. Gassman began his career serving U.S. Marines in Vietnam, he’s seen it all and is experienced enough to work with you no matter what your previous experiences with dentistry have been.
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If you’re looking for a dental practice that puts your health and your preferences first, give us a call today. We are currently seeking new patients in the El Cajon, CA, area and would welcome the opportunity to serve anyone over the age of 12 who might need a dental filling.